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University of the People FAQ, also known as "University of the Scammers"

The Israeli ✡ diploma mill that claims to be an "American university"

UoPeople address and how to contact University of the People

The real address of University of the People Ltd and University of the People Education Ltd is
30 HaMasger street
Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

(source: United States IRS, Internal Revenue Service)

See also the address on Google maps and Street view:

However, the flat is closed to the public and the company does not disclose a real Israeli telephone number.

We saw in our homepage that the company uses an American PO box and claims it to be an American University; all mail is actually processed in Israel or, more often, by remote workers in Nigeria etc. Also, the US telephone number is actually a virtual number with throwaway voicemails; therefore, it is completely useless to contact them by phone.