Simone Biles

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Simone Biles and University of the People UoPeople

Simone Biles worked for a UoPeople advertising campaign from February 2018 to Febrary 2019 (one-year contract). However, the ads are still shown today by UoPeople and they can now be considered a scam, because University of the People still claims — in 2021 — that Simone Biles is a freshman at UoPeople, which insults our intelligence.

Biles has not taken part in any ads or issued any official statements since February 2019, and it is unclear whether she got a (useless) UoPeople diploma or not. Her official website does not mention University of the People at all, just like all her other websites.

Where did Simone Biles go to college?

Last but not least, if it is true that Simone Biles has been studying at since 2018, why doesn't anyone see her? This is strange to say the least, because UoPeople's controversial "peer-assessment" mechanism forces students to assess other students' assignments — including Biles', in theory. Besides, we did some research through the National Student Clearinghouse and the result was that Simone Biles never enrolled in any classes. However, NSC added that (hypothetically) "The individual may have chosen to keep it private" or "The school may have blocked this information". In many press releases and YouTube videos, University of the People still claims Simone Biles to be a "global ambassador and spokeswoman" for the organization, so why should it be "private" or "blocked"? The whole affair is very strange and obscure: total lack of transparency, even assuming this is not fake news.

In conclusion, Simon Biles didn't go to college, because

  1. she dropped out of UCLA without completing any courses,

  2. University of the People still claims her to be a "new student" (and "ambassador, spokeswoman" etc.) but is not a real college and is not located in California,

  3. Simone Biles is not on the National Student Clearinghouse's records.

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