Spam and tracking

University of the People FAQ, also known as "University of the Scammers"

The Israeli ✡ diploma mill that claims to be an "American university"

If you inspect the HTML and JavaScript source code of, you will find a lot of links to aggressive tracking services, such as Marketo: this means that you will be tracked even after you leave UoPeople's website and even if you are a casual visitor that has nothing to do with UoPeople. Marketo, just like other marketing automation software used by UoPeople, exploits new fingerprinting techniques to identify your computer or smartphone while you are browsing the Internet. In simple terms, they spy on you everywhere — unless you block the cookies in the first place, and then block the DNS queries to the tracking servers, but not everyone can do it. We recommend to check if your system is vulnerable to this kind of tracking.

On the other hand, UoPeople told us that "We do that because it's not illegal and because we show a cookie notice". True, technically it is not illegal. However, it is a very, very, questionable and unethical practice. Also, very few people are aware of all this.

Last but not least, if you sign up to the website but don't pay $60, they will start to bombard you with emails asking you to "complete the process" — which means paying $60 — claiming it is "your last chance" and a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity". On top of that, your email address will be sold to other spammers for "new great opportunities". All in all, UoPeople's marketing campaigns are pathetic and disregard the most basic rules of common sense.